How a New Kind of Mask Technology Hopes to Stop the New Variant from Spreading.

It’s no secret that rates of COVID-19 infection have drastically risen due to the Omicron variant’s spread across the globe. The Omicron variant is the most highly-contagious version of the disease that we have experienced so far. Governments and institutions are tightening restrictions and reimposing mask mandates for public areas like shops, event venues, public transport, and other indoor areas. 

With the renewed virus panic around the holiday season, it has become increasingly common to experience pandemic fatigue. People are growing tired of taking extra precautions like avoiding crowds, washing hands, and buying personal protective equipment. While the push to get vaccinated is strong, the Omicron variant has proven that breakthrough cases can still occur. It’s still more important than ever to take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus, despite our collective exhaustion. 

The rise of Omicron has brought with it a rise in the need for a face mask that actually works. While every family probably owns a plethora of masks already, new research is question ing whether people have the appropriate equipment they need to protect against the extremely transmissible Omicron.

Single-layer cloth masks have become commonplace but act as nothing more than a fashion accessory  in many cases. Cloth coverings are not held to any kind of regulatory standards, and are often not as effective at preventing the spread of germs.

Disposable, medical-grade masks like the KN95 and the FFP2 are mostly effective in preventing the spread of Omicron, if they are used correctly and fit appropriately. However, these masks must be disposed of after several uses as the virus can live on the surface of them. These disposable and single-use masks are costly, and wreak havoc on the environment. In addition, internet scammers have taken advantage of the demand  for these masks, creating plenty of counterfeit and fake KN95’s to sell to well-meaning consumers.

"It’s Time to Up Your Mask Game: SUPRMASK Brings Hope Amid Variant Panic and Pandemic Fatigue"

SUPRCARE, a medical device company, wants to offer a research-backed solution to common mask dilemmas with their new product, the SUPRMASK. SUPRMASKs are different than regular cloth or disposable masks because they act as not only a shield against pathogens in the air, but also as an active chemical device that kills viruses and bacteria instantly. By utilizing pure silver fabric, SUPERMASKs actively kill bacterial microbes using the antiviral properties of silver that have been known for centuries. This is the first time pure silver, no nanomaterial, has ever been utilized in a mask product, marking a significant development in technological progress aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19.

SUPRCARE’s science-based approach to personal protectiv e equipment cites academic and peer-reviewed research to support its claims about the mask’s efficacy. SUPRMASKs meet all of the CDC and WHO recommendations  for personal protective equipment, as there is a full surgical mask on the inside of each one. 

These silver-lined masks go a step above and beyond by actively killing viruses, pathogens, and fungi, while removing the need to wash or replace the mask each day. Because of the 99.9% silver layer in all SUPRMASK models, all bacteria they come in contact with are eliminated, making these masks self-cleaning. Research released by the CDC has suggested that certain double-masking combinations can increase protection from aerosols in the air, and therefore, from respiratory diseases like COVID-19. SUPRMASKs are made with up to 6 layers, depending on the model. 

SUPRMASK’s innovative technology has created an option for pandemic-fatigued individuals to stop worrying about constantly rebuying and rewashing regular mask products each day. Because they are truly reusable, these masks also reduce the negative impact on the environment of single-use products.

Could silver-lined masks be the future of personal protective equipment? As the fight against Omicron wears on, innovative technologies like the SUPRMASK could help to make life a little bit safer, and easier.

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