SUPRMASK - The only mask that you really need.

At the beginning of last year we started the development of a mask with pure silver. Today we are proud to present our SUPRMASK.

The mask contains only silver on the outside, so it immediately kills more than 90% of the coronavirus on contact. The mask is composed of several layers (3 to 6) in order to also comply with the legislation on surgical masks (BS EN 14638). This unique combination immediately reduces the impact of the virus by 99,99%.

All our tests have been carried out in recognised institutions.

We have also homologated our masks as medical device (MDD 93/42/EEC - MDR 2017/745).

Our masks are safe and do not cause skin irritation. The silver is permanently bound to the substance so there is no loss of efficacy.

SUPRMASK does not need to be washed before each use or after a certain wearing time, which makes them very durable.

In short, a safe active surgical mask that lasts a very long time.

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