What is the face mask of the future?

The World Health Organization said that Europe could suffer another 700.000 Covid-19 deaths by March.  But the agency also said that mask-wearing could prevent many of those deaths. According to a recent review of 8 studies published in the British Medical Journal, wearing a face mask more than halves the risk of getting Covid. That is why experts worldwide keep up the advice to wear them. 

The biggest challenge for the public is to make sure the right kind of mask is used along with the method of using the mask is also correct. In desperation to keep ourselves safe, we end up using any and all kinds of masks. Do you really think people replace their masks when needed or wash them at high temperature before usage? Humans are very lazy concerning their health.

Did you know? 

Many of us have actually suffered by using the wrong masks. There is only one mask that really works, is safe and is a permanent solution. SUPRMASK is composed of 4 to 6 layers, dependent on the model, and both outer layers are made of a polymer mesh permanently bound to pure metallic silver. SUPRMASK does not contain any nanomaterials.

The antimicrobial activity of silver is well proven and extensively documented. Tests performed and published by various research institutes showed silver can also inactivate influenza and coronaviruses, including SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

SUPRMASK forms not only an excellent physical barrier against biological pathogens but also works as an active chemical device, killing viruses and bacteria instantly. The powerful antimicrobial characteristics keep the SUPRMASK clean and greatly reduce the need for washing. This killing effect is preserved even after more than 50 washing cycles. 

Be safe ... Anytime, Anywhere, Around Anyone ... use SUPRMASK.

Consequently, SUPRMASKs can be used for a very long time creating less waste, knowing that we each month throw away billions of masks. 

The masks are very comfortable, soft as silk, and very breathable. They were extensively tested and are classified as surgical masks type I to IIR conform the European Directive and British Standard BS EN 14683. SUPRMASKs are CE approved and registered as a Medical Device Class I.

SUPRMASK is the face mask of the future. An active working, reusable surgical mask that lasts.

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