A face covering should “fit snugly” against the sides of your face. If your mask’s straps are too loose and the mask doesn’t hug your face, an extender is an easy way to improve the fit.
The straps hook onto the extender, which sits at the back of the head. This design relieves the painful pressure of elastic straps pushing into the skin and also reduces friction to prevent chafing or painful rubbing.
  • Material: The material is premium integrated silicone, soft and anti-slip.
  • Adjustable:  Three level of adjustments ensures the mask tightened, suits many people, including kids and adults.
  • Colour: Available in black and transparent
  • Easy to Use:  After putting on the mask with one side of the extender attached, then finish the other side around your head.
  • Package: The double-ended design has 3 hooks on each end for a customized fit and is available in packs of 1 or 5
  • 99,9% Pure Silver Destroys viruses, bacteria and fungi and prevents them from spreading.
    • It will immediately lower the impact of the coronavirus by 99,99%.
  • Excellent Comfort & Superior Breathability
  • Reusable with or without gentle hand washing (see care)
  • Our garments are Anti-odor, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Thermal regulating, Moisture-wicking and Anti-static
Doesn’t need to be washed before each use!
When the mask is visually dirty:
    • Soft Wash by hand (max 30 to 40° C or 86 to 104° F);
    • Don’t iron;
    • Dry in open air;
    • Don’t wring

    There's no need to wash it every day just take it off and put it in a dry, ventilated area!

    For more details see here

    Our socks

    • Wear more and wash less with our Silver Yarns
    • Recommended wash at 30 to 40° C or 86 to 104° F
    • Always air dry when you can, if not tumble dry on low heat
    • Don't dry clean or bleach

    For more details see here

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