Today, we see that, although the majority of the people are vaccinated, new virus variants can still inflect our lives. We see it happening in the UK, Israel, US, Japan, …

Every country is trying its own way to control the virus outbreak but the only solution which has been accepted as viable by all experts across the globe is to wear masks in certain places. The challenge is to make sure the right kind of mask is used along with the correct use of a mask. In desperation to keep ourselves safe, we end up using any and all kinds of masks.

Even if the masks are ok, the immediate solution has been used without considering our environmental pollution risk. This is a huge issue and if not addressed, will have a huge negative impact on our already fragile environment.

Today, 99.9% of the face masks need to be disposed or washed after each patient, application, or a certain duration of use.

“Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a face mask that protects us from any virus and bacteria; that can be safely touched with our hands; that can be used for months/years without the need to wash it; that can be washed when you want it; that is safe for the environment when disposed; that feels comfortable and looks amazing?”

We are convinced that everyone should have a SUPRMASK, ...

  • to travel (by plane, at the airport, public transport, ...)
  • when new virus variants pose a threat, as we see today in the various countries, ...
  • when a mask is required (hospitals, care homes, public places, transport, ...)
  • ... just to have available when there is a need to use it again. (such as other protective accessories - gloves, hat, umbrella, ...)

That is why SUPRMASK is the only mask that deserves a place in your closet or needs to be used.

To see a comparison with other masks

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We will review each application carefully to join our affiliate program.


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