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SUPRCARE - How we develop SUPRMASK

How we develop our products?


SUPRMASK has been developed to produce a classy and comfartable piece of (non-)public protection. Working with outstanding designers, we started out to form a mask that individuals would feel comfortable wearing, whether or not they were visiting work, playing sports, or simply commencing of the corner store up till working in a hospital environment. We put the stress on making them both practical and safe and trendy, because we wear them ourselves!



A stylish mask would be useless without the cutting-edge technology that provides the wearer a way of trust. All SUPRMASK are chosen for his or her technical characteristics similar as for the comfort they supply.



Each product is tested in a number of phases to ensure the highest quality. We use our SUPRMASK through proper testing procedures to ensure that they provide you with effective protection. Each round of prototyping led to a number of improvements so that we could offer the most comfortable, functional ACTIVE masks available.

Our revolutionary technologies empower textiles, paper, plastics and other materials with the ability to destroy germs continuously, permanently and safely.


SUPRCARE is fully committed to be a responsible corporate citizen. Keeping in view the company’s policy, all efforts are being taken including continuous improvements to abide by the stringent environmental regulations.

  • No heavy metals are used in the manufacturing process. (Directive 2002/95/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 January 2003)
  • No sulphur based chemicals, sulphates, bromine, chlorine gas, organics etc are used in the production process.
  • The water after our production process is processed by our own Effluent Treatment Plant and used to water the gardens. Hence, there is no net release of water into streams etc.
  • We have permits which allows us to do the effluent treatment process. The water after treatment is tested by independent laboratories every month and also by the Government authorities on a random basis. We are always in compliance with local laws and regulations
  • Once our silver comes in wastewater it will not negatively impact the effluent water treatment. Our tests have shown reduction of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) in wastewater.
  • Silver is obtained from vendors who possess valid licenses issued by the Government. This way we know silver procured is from legitimate sources
  • Silver, being precious and a very important metal, can be safely recycled back to its native state. This way there is no net loss of resources of such a fantastic metal
  • All silvers are not equal. Silver in nano size can potentially cause significant damage to aquatic lives and also on earth. Our silver has certain unique properties whereby they are always safe and work optimally. We have 3rd party testing showing our product is safe on skin, etc.