Scientific studies demonstrate that textile with pure silver can achieve antimicrobial impact and neutralize biological pathogens.


  • Pure Silver has the inherent property to rapidly destroy bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Whole masks, including ear-loops, provides great protection against bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • The activity of the silver is continuous. The humidity from the user’s breath further enhances the activity of the silver and the antimicrobial properties of the mask.


  • The protective face mask helps to reduce the risk of breathing in gases, pollen, smoke, dust, pollen, allergens or viruses.
  • Multi-layered



Products made with Silver have natural anti-bacterial functions, a bacteriostatic and deodorisation value. Test results show over 99,99% bacteria perished when in contact with the Silver.


Products made with Silver have natural anti-viral functions. Test results show over 90% viruses perished after a few minutes when in contact with the Silver. 


    • Anti Odor due to a decrease in internal bacterial and fungal contamination


      Our Silver fibers interfere with the reproductive sequence in fungal spore, which acts on the fabric structure to break down the textiles and reduce the functionality and performance of the fabric.


          • High Performance Filtration & free of toxic metals
          • No skin sensitization and skin irritation observed
          • There are no known silver-resistant micro-organisms among medically relevant strains.
          • The parts of the face on which the mask rests are exposed to silver, reducing the risk of spreading by contact with the hands.
          • It is ECO friendly as there will be no risk of post disposal microbial growth


        • We use 99.9% pure silver
        • No need to disinfect
        • The Silver doesn’t rinse out; the fabric's germ-killing power is preserved.



      We took to a whole new level by creating our own fabric with blend of pure silver that feels ultra-soft wicks moisture and regulates body temperature.


      We offer 3 different models: pleated, duckbill and fitted. See for more explanation here


        • Amazingly breathable
        • Silky soft fabric
        • Good airflow
        • Minimal eyewear fogging & low heat build-up.
        • A rounded silhouette for ease of breathing & wide face coverage.
        • Thermal Regulation dissipates heat from breathing


        • Non chemical
        • No nanotechnology
        • No chemical solvents or synthetic materials are used in production of the products




        • Doesn’t need to be washed before each use. See for more explanation here
        • If it gets dirty then gentle hand wash it and leave it dry to the air
        • Reusable with or without gentle hand washing It can be safely used for a period of x weeks. (x depends on the care that is given to the mask)
        • Silver textiles have been tested for more than 100 washes without reduction in thermal conductivity effectiveness or disruption to the antimicrobial properties that protect the product.


        • Replaces thousands of other disposable masks


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