SUPRMASK - Multilayered Surgical Face mask - How we do it?



Unlike other products containing Silver, the Silver in our products is permanently bonded on the product (carrier). We use the purest form of Silver that is applied onto our yarns and fabrics. We use that technology in our collection to get a maximum performance-to-use ratio. In our masks, we use a exceptional Silver fabric (+VE fabric). This fabric is highly effective, broad spectrum, non-corrosive and odorless antimicrobial with unparalleled performance and significant residual activity. Incorporating stabilized metalized Silver technology onto our products helped us close the gap where other masks fail. 

The 99,9% pure silver act as a chemical barrier that is capable of neutralizing pathogens when in contact with them.

It has been scientifically demonstrated that our fabric covered with pure silver in a homogenous manner over the entire textile provides the desired ANTIMICROBIAL (= ANTIVIRAL – ANTIBACTERIAL – ANTIFUNGAL) effects and makes it possible to neutralize various pathogenic agents: viruses, bacteria and fungi. see Scientific studies

Humidity enhances the activity of the Silver and the antimicrobial properties.

The activity of the silver is continuous. 


When wearing our SUPRMASK, the body fluids of the person wearing it remain trapped in the mask and produce a moist environment which activates the antimicrobial properties of the mask. Moisture is essential to activate the pure silver embedded in the mask tissue and to attack microbes.

In the event that the person who wears our SUPRMASK is infected, pathogens – viruses cannot remain infectious because they are neutralized by Silver. The SUPRMASK then represents a chemical barrier helping to reduce transmission.

In the event that the person is not infected, our SUPRMASK blocks the contaminated fluids of infectious people who are in their immediate environment. Contaminated fluids that come into contact with our SUPRMASK activate the Silver which neutralize biological contaminants thus reducing the risk of transmission.

In addition, all parts of the face on which the SUPRMASK rests are exposed to Silver, reducing the risk of spreading by contact with the hands.

In addition, the ear loops (as the entire mask) of the SUPRMASK are also covered with pure Silver so that contact with contaminated hands triggers the same reaction: Contaminated hands that come into contact with our SUPRMASK activate the Silver which neutralize biological contaminants thus reducing the risk of transmission.

Advanced Explanation:

All viruses can only reproduce in living cells. Viruses need to integrate into the genome of their host cells and use a special enzyme called Transcriptase Reverse which they have in their capsids. Silver prevent viruses from remaining infectious by attacking, among other things, their envelopes and enzymes, including Reverse Transcriptase. They are then neutralized.

When worn, our SUPRMASK continuously forms an active barrier neutralizing pathogens in contact with the tissue from which it is made.

Our Silver metalized +VE fabric on our SUPRMASK forms not only a physical barrier between the user’s mouth and nose, protecting against the biological pathogens in the immediate environment but will also forms a chemical barrier.

The Silver in our SUPRMASK act to effectively neutralize germs in contact with the Silver.

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