Our Key team is built on experience and driven by business creativity. All of our founding partners and valued members of our organization have a medical/scientific background.


Rudiger Mees, MD, CCH, Executive Officer

Rudiger is born in Antwerp, Belgium in 1971. After several medical courses (general medicine, classical homeopathy, orthomolecular medicine, …) he started his career as a Clinical Researcher and was involved in checking and analysing clinical data to find easier ways to overcome clinical data errors.  In 2007, he founded a company (unithink) that built the first true eClinical systems (CRF, eCOA, RTSM, Compliance) on one database in the world so that  clinical research could be performed much faster and more accurate. It was not an integration, but a true platform. The system was so ahead of the curve that in 2009 he did the first global eCOA (Electronic Clinical Outcomes Assessment) study covering 27 countries and 32 languages where he shipped 1250 iPhones to patients so they could report their observations directly in the database. This Clinical Trial was submitted and was pivotal to have the drug approved. The company was sold to an US IT Healthcare company in 2011.


In 2012, he co-founded one of the first European Digital Health companies. They were able to completely automate, monitor and steer patients remotely. This led to two important publications in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology highlighting where it was evidenced that their automated solution (hardware and software) could help cardiac patients decrease their cardiac risk and lower the overall healthcare cost of those patients. 

During the last decade he also managed the LifeSiences Business Unit of one of the Top IT companies in Europe (8.000 employees). In his role he was responsible for one of the top 3 LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) systems of Europe and the most used EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system of Belgium.

All of these accumulated experiences allow him to easily bridge the gap between research and medical practice, and between eClinical, eCare and eHealth. He has a profound insight of what is needed in the ecosystem and can easily portray what our New Medical Digital World requires.  

Today he is pivotal in setting out the strategy for a medical device company that commercialise a micro-current electrotherapy device (Kfhealth); he advises a US IT Healthcare organisation (Snapiot) in its strategy and drives SUPRLABS & SUPRCARE, the best care, cure and comfort solution provider for the new tomorrow.

Satish N. Chandra, MSc, Technology Officer

Satish was born in Bangalore, India in 1968. He completed his undergraduate studies in Hyderabad, India in field of Chemistry and Biology. He graduated at top of his class. Upon graduation, he moved to USA for Graduate studies in Biochemistry. Satish holds an US passport.


While pursing studies for his work on silver and its use in EMI application over foam substrate he was offered full time job at Sauquoit Industries (now Noble Biomaterials) as lab chemist in 1995. For his quick learning and good work in the lab he was promoted as R&D head in 1996. He developed several new technologies and improved product performance at Sauquoit. He also achieved significant cost reduction in both process and raw materials. He was also author of many patent applications and gave many presentations at various events.

He led Sauquoit to become ISO 9001:2000 compliant and subsequently was promoted as Vice President and became member of executive staff.

Satish is the world most experienced and knowledgeable scientist understanding Silver and its applications.

Dr. Raoul Rooman, MD, PhD, Medical Officer

Raoul received his MD degree from Antwerp University. He defended his doctoral thesis entitled Growth inhibition by steroids- interaction with the GH-IGF-growth plate axis in 2004.He also holds a degree in dermatocosmetic sciences from the University of Brussels.


After medical school he was a research fellow at the the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA ( prof Judson J Van Wijk). Next he became a researcher at the Janssen Research Foundation ( Johnsson and Johnsson) in Beerse, Belgium. He then started his training in pediatrics at Antwerp University Hospital and did his subspecialty training in pediatric endocrinology and diabetes at the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital (University Medical Center, Utrecht, The Netherlands).

He joined the staff at the department of Pediatrics at Antwerp University Hospital as a pediatric endocrinologist-diabetologist and became the director of the Pediatric Diabetes Center.  He is also a guest professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Antwerp University, Karel de Grote Hogeschool and Artesis Hoge School. His research interests are on the modulation of growth, pediatric obesity and new treatment modalities for diabetes.

He served 12 year as secretary and president of the Belgian Study Group for Pediatric Endocrinology (BSGPE) and was responsible for the National Registry and several national and international multicenter studies.

In 2004, he founded PendoCon bvba, a consulting service in pediatric endocrinology and diabetes focusing on the development and management of clinical trials, patient education and empowerment and telemedicine.

Dr. Thierry De Smedt, MD, Business development Officer

Thierry was born in Brussels, Belgium, in 1969. After studying medicine at the University of Antwerp, he started specializing in surgery in 1995. At Boehringer Ingelheim, he then had the unique opportunity to work internationally on i.a. the development of tiotropium (Spiriva), the first drug developed specifically for COPD patients.


Afterwards, he founded AD interim, an employment and selection agency specifically for clinical research and (para)medical profiles within hospitals and residential care centers.


From 2014, as Business Development Manager at VEBEGO, Thierry expanded their knowledge and presence in the healthcare sector. At the same time, as Care Manager at MEDERI, an accredited service for independent home care nurses, he was responsible for the development of i.a. the home hospitalization of (oncological) patients. During this period, Thierry was also part of the Board of Directors of DOCTAR, a cooperative company with a unique combination of software and services to reduce the administrative burden on general practitioners.


Since 2017, Thierry attended a lot of trainings around communication, coaching and training and gave a whole new twist to his career as a trainer and coach of executives, entrepreneurs, doctors, healthcare professionals, high potentials, gifted people, athletes and as a volunteer for young adults.


Today, as Business Development Officer, Thierry is proud to co-write the story of SUPRMASK of SUPRCARE, the only existing reusable virucidal and bactericidal type IIR surgical mouth mask. In addition, through SUPRLABS, he guides and supports partners in the development of new applications of pure silver technology.  


Adina Deliman, MSc, Regulatory Compliance Officer

Adina is a biochemist with a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology and more than twelve years of experience in the industry and business consulting, including:
  • more than five years of experience as a QA Manager of a US manufacturer of class I and class II medical devices registered and sold in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK
  • more than five years of experience as a microbiologist and food safety expert in a European food production plant.
She has experience in communicating with the FDA, Health Canada, TGA Australia, etc., and successfully completing FDA inspections on medical devices and she is also a certified business administrator and ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 auditor.


As a QA Manager, she created and implemented the QMS documentation compliant with ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, and ISO 22000, as well as the USA, Canada, Australia, and EU regulatory requirements for medical devices, cosmetics, consumer goods, and foods.


Also, she has registered devices in various countries, including Canada and Australia.


As a consultant, she created and implemented our QMS documentation, in compliance with 21CFR820 and other applicable FDA regulations and EU MDR 2017/745, and advised us on the applicable requirements, and helped to create the documentation.



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