SUPRCARE - Silver technologies

SUPRCARE uses the technologies developed by SUPRLABS

Of all metals known to mankind, Silver is known for being the most efficient reflector as well as the best electrical, and thermal conductor. But most importantly Silver is known for its oligodynamic effect; a biocidal effect that controls microbial growth and kills bacteria and viruses with Silver. 

SUPRLABS +VE is a permanent coating of 99,9% pure Silver on a textile substrate or other formats. (Fabric, Foam, …) It retains all the characteristics of the substrate and hence can be used in any textile-related application with ease.

SUPRLABS +VE is not a surface treatment. Silver is irreversibly bound to the substrate and becomes a physical part of the base material. +VE is permanently and chemically bonded and performance does not diminish over time. It has been tested by clients for more than 100 washes with virtually no reduction in activity.

We, SUPRCARE, have developed our own fabrics using the +VE technology of SUPRLABS and use this as the outer and inner layer and the ear loops of our SUPRMASK so that the outside is completely covered with 100% pure silver.

Our +VE Fabric is Anti-viral. +VE interacts with the viral surface and then after it gained access to the viral cell it will interact with the viral genome.

Our +VE Fabric is Anti-bacterial. +VE interferes on the intra-cellular level of the bacteria, disrupting the DNA of micro-organisms on the fabric and effectively suffocating microbial activity.

Our +VE Fabric is Anti-fungal. +VE interferes with the reproductive sequence in fungal spore, which acts on the fabric structure to break down the textiles and reduce the functionality and performance of the fabric.

So our +VE Fabric is Anti-odor. The silver yarn inhibits the growth of odor producing bacteria. The silver ions also bind with ammonia and denatured proteins, resulting in bacterial odor reduction.

Due to the conductive nature of Silver; energy in form of heat is evenly distributed across the final article incorporated with SUPRLABS +VE. This enables movement of heat resulting in keeping the subject cooler when it is warm or warmer when it is cold.

Our +VE Fabric is very safe. There are no toxic levels from the use of silver bandages in managing patient’s wounds. (validated in clinical trials) No toxic effect on human cells in vivo.

Our +VE Fabric effect is long lasting. The ion release is controlled and sustained in presence of stimuli and hence last a very long time. Our +VE Fabric feels very comfortable.

Since +VE is pure Silver on a textile substrate; the feel is like “silk” which makes wearing the product very comfortable for example, on a wound.

Our technology is evidence based and we always rely on 3rd party validation of the product(s).