SUPRMASK - Multilayered Surgical Face mask - Mask Models

Today 99,9% of the face masks needs to be disposed or washed after each patient or application.  All are passive masks!

They form a physical barrier and filter against microbes but will be contaminated on the outside by the environmental pathogens and on the inside by microbes from the wearer.

Our SUPRMASK is an “active” mask. In addition to the physical barrier function it will also kill microbes preventing infection from the outside but also contamination on the inside of the mask.  Microbial colonization on the inside may cause auto reinfection and foul odor.

Our masks are made with our Silver fabric that possess an unique and proprietary antiviral technology based on 99,99% pure silver (not silver nanoparticles).

It has been scientifically demonstrated that our fabric with pure silver in a homogeneous manner on the entire textile makes it possible to obtain the ANTIMICROBIAL (= ANTIVIRAL – ANTIBACTERIAL – ANTIFUNGAL) effects sought and neutralizes various pathogens: viruses, bacteria and fungi. READ MORE

SUPRMASK is more than a comfort or surgical mask, it is a safe, long lasting solution that protects the wearer and the environment.




Surgical Mask

FFP2 /KN95

Any community mask

Protection against droplets X
Antiviral (also against Coronavirus) X X X
Antibacterial X X X
Filter efficiency >95% 0,3 and >98% 3,0 µm(3) X X
Very breathable X
Comfortable materials X X
Reusable without washing X X X
Washable X X
Designed to fit perfectly X X
Certified X
Adjustable ear loops X X
Adjustable Nose wire X
Practical Neckband X X X
Cost per year € 59 (1) € 49 (1) > € 128 (2) > € 182,5 (2) > € 35 (1)


(1) If you replace the mask each year
(2) Needs to be replaced each 4 to 8 hours or after each patient or application
(3) Surgical Mask type II/2 and IIR/3 (according to ASTM F2100 - BS EN 14638) Bacterial Frequency Efficiency (mean particle size < 3,0 µm) > 98% and FFP2 KN95/N98 Particle Frequency Efficiency (mean particle size < 0,3 µm) > 95%


  • SUPRMASK forms not only a physical barrier against biological pathogens but also works as an active chemical device, killing viruses and bacteria instantly.
  • Our mask contains a full surgical mask on the inside.
  • Multi-layered: up to 6 layers.
  • The masks are very comfortable, soft as silk and very breathable.
  • The powerful antimicrobial effects of SUPRMASK keep the mask clean and greatly reduce the need for washing.
  • The antimicrobial effect is preserved even after more than 50 washing cycles.
  • SUPRMASK are classified as surgical masks type I to IIR conform the European Directive and British Standard BS EN 14683.
  • SUPRMASK are extensively tested and are CE approved and classified as a Medical Device type I (at Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency - MHRA, United Kingdom)
  • Patent pending at United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).